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Pooja Wahi is a realtor from New Jersey, who is part of the Coldwell Bankers DRH Team in Summit. She is an active member of Summit, where she lives with her husband, dog, and two daughters. 
People describe Pooja as empathetic for her clients, negotiable, and very determined. 
Over the last three decades, she have moved between a dozen houses in multiple cities (across four countries and three continents!) and knows that finding the right realtor can make all the difference in the world. 
As a client, Pooja's goal is to do whatever it takes to make your move a delightful one. She goes above and beyond in getting you expert guidance every step of the way, while also helping you become familiar and comfortable with the neighborhood you’re considering.


Building the Website

I'll have to admit, I underestimated the amount of work it takes to build a website. I had only used Google Sites, and up until about February of 2024, I thought building a website was just choosing text fonts and photos, and then plastering all of your information into your 'masterpiece' and presenting it to the class. It was way more than that. When I first got accepted into Independent Study, a program that lets students create their own passion projects and present them to the class, I thought I was going to make heat transferred tote bags, and I am so glad I didn't because compared to the rest of the class, those bags would have looked particularly childish. My father gave me the idea of this website and we immediately started planning, before we had even started on our projects in class. This website was supposed to promote my mother, Pooja Wahi's career as a realtor, and additionally help me learn countless skills I would need in the real world, such as website building. We worked on our projects at school for a few weeks, but I always seemed to work better at home sprawled out on my rug, and that's where I spent hours painstakingly writing overviews, choosing layouts and photos, animating my text, citing sources, etc. for the next couple weeks. I also used a lot of help from my father, who showed me how to start using Wix. My goal for this website is to make moving easier for people considering, by having most of the information they need on just one site, instead of spread out all over the web. 


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