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Summit; A unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities, tucked into Union County. It has a vibrant downtown, lots of community spirit, and many top-ranked schools, and is an ideal choice for commuters, due to its close proximity to the city. Summit's mix of accessibility, education, and quality of life makes it a perfect town for both families and professionals.   



Summit has five public elementary schools, two primary (kindergarten) center, one middle school and one high school. In addition, Summit also offers a variety of private school options. 

Summit High School (SHS) - Known for its strong academic programs and large selection of extracurricular activities. SHS's dedicated staff members help boost the supportive community, preparing students for college and future careers as best as they can.

Great Schools Rating: 7/10

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School (LCJSMS) -  Their curriculum is focused on more comprehensive learning that helps develop personal as well as academic growth, with frequent lessons on staying healthy, mentally and physically. 

Great Schools Rating: 7/10

Brayton Elementary School -  Focused on practicing and becoming proficient in core academic subjects. It is known for its inclusive and parent-teacher active community, committed to support every student's success. 

Great Schools Rating: 8/10

Franklin Elementary School -  Offers an enthusiastic learning community, emphasizing innovation and creativity in its approach to learning. Franklin is committed to encouraging the love of learning and personal development among its students. 

Great Schools Rating: 7/10

Jefferson School -  Provides a diverse and inclusive experience for its students. It aims to create well-rounded individuals by emphasizing personalized learning, delivering the right amount of practice for each child, and community engagement. 

Great Schools Rating: 7/10

Washington School -  The newest addition to the district, focused on innovative learning strategies and studying technology and it's integration. Washington is committed to giving student the skills they will need in order for success in our quickly changing world. 

Great Schools Rating: 7/10

Wilson Primary School -  Offers a comforting environment for early childhood education, and focuses on core academics and social-emotional skills. Wilson emphasizes collaboration among teachers, parents, and the community to help support each child's development. 

Great Schools Rating: 8/10

Jefferson Primary School -  Dedicated to providing a supportive environment for its young students, and focuses on learning and growth. Jefferson encourages exploring different interests and building a strong educational foundation. 

Great Schools Rating: N/A

Private Schools

Kent Place School -  An all-girls school ranging from K-12. Kent Place is committed to excellence in all academics, arts, and athletics. It provides a supportive environment that emphasizes leadership skills and personal growth in all students. 

Great Schools Rating: N/A

Oratory Preparatory School -  An all-boys Roman Catholic prep school that focuses on academic rigor and moral development. It offers a strong commitment to service and community and aims to develop young men of faith and integrity. 

Great Schools Rating: N/A

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child - Teaches both boys (K-6) and girls (K-12) and offers a Catholic education that emphasizes excellence in academics and spiritual growth. It is known for its supportive community and developing leaders who are always open to helping others. 

Great Schools Rating: N/A



Summit has an overall crime rate of 9 per 1,000 residents, which makes a crime rate here near the average of all different towns and cities in America. You have a 1 in 107 chance of becoming a victim in a crime, and Summit's crime rate is noticeably lower than other communities its size. For violent crimes, you have a 1 in 3192 chance of being a victim in one of these, making it a violent crime rate of 0 per thousand residents.

(Sources: Neighborhood Scout)


In 2021, Summit NJ had a population of 22.6k people. Summit's 5 largest ethnic groups  are the White (Non-Hispanic) (66.7%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (9.08%), African American (Non-Hispanic) (6.95%), Other (Hispanic) (5.8%), and Multi-racial (Non-Hispanic) (4.03%).

(Sources: Data USA)



One of the best aspects about living in Summit has a variety of commuting options into Manhattan.

Here are the popular methods of commuting from Summit to Manhattan:

1. Train: The most popular mode of transportation is the NJ Transit train service, which connects Summit to New York Penn Station via the Morris & Essex Line.

The journey can take between 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the time of day and whether the service is express or local.


Summit Station offers a direct service to Penn Station, making it a convenient option for many commuters.


The NJ Transit App offers a convenient way to look up train schedules, purchase tickets and monthly passes, and get up-to-the-minute transit status information.

2. Bus: While not as popular as the train, bus services are available from Summit to Manhattan. Two popular services include NJ Transit and Boxcar.

Some residents use the bus as a back-up option, when there are delays on the train lines.


The journey can take between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the time of the day and traffic conditions.

3. Carpooling and Ridesharing: Services like Uber, Lyft, and traditional carpooling are also options, potentially offering more flexibility but at a higher cost compared to public transportation.

Things to Do

Reeves-Reed Arboretum - Offers a diverse collection of vegetation across beautifully landscaped grounds. The arboretum also provides educational programs, art exhibits, and seasonal events which are designed to connect all different kinds people with nature, no matter how old or young. 

Briant Park - A beautiful scenic park with wide open fields, a pond, and many picnic spots. It is great for walks, runs, picnics, or just relaxing outside, which makes it a favorite local place for families and nature-lovers. 

Soldiers Memorial Field - A peaceful park right beside Brayton Elementary School with lots of athletic facilities, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, a track, etc. It is a wide open space for pleasant walks with the dog, fun with the kids at the playgrounds, morning tennis clinics, and more. 

Summit Free Public Library - A vibrant community hub, offering a vast selection of resources such as books, digital media, and access to online databases. It additionally provides a wide range of programs  and services for people of all ages, from children's story times and educational workshops to adults learning classes and cultural events. 

Color Me Mine - A quaint paint-your-own ceramics shop, where customers of all ages can pick a sculpture and decorate it however they like. It is perfect for fun family visits, or creative personal projects, making art easy and fun for everybody. 

Community Resources


Check out these additional resources to further round out your knowledge of all that Summit has to offer:

City of Summit Website - City website with links to all important city services

Summit Community Programs - Helpful information about all of Summit's community programs, including kids and youth programs.

Summit Aquatic Center - Learn more about Summit's fantastic community pool and swimming programs

Summit YMCA - A town favorite for fitness programs

The Connection - Learn more about afterschool programs, summer programs and more

Summit Downtown - Learn more about all the great businesses servicing Summit

Summit Municipal Golf - Check out Summit's own municipal golf course and training programs

Summit Tennis Association - Learn more about Summit's passionate tennis community 

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